Can Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery?

Can Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery?

Well, a woman may have cancer cells in the breast at some point in time. Following that, an individual may wonder if Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery. Here in, one must understand that several treatment options are there to attain cancers. Besides that, an oncologist may go for diagnostic tests to plan for accurate treatment means. Furthermore, a patient may have the latest breast cancer treatment without any worries. 

So, a reader may go through this article to know more about can Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery. However, one can know about other treatment options for this disease as well. 

Do oncologists treat breast cancer without an operation?

Normally, an oncologist may look into the stage of breast cancer before deciding on the treatment option. . Eventually, a cancer specialist can recommend other treatment options in this situation. 

Ultimately, one’s doctor may administer certain therapies to shrink breast cancer tumors. Later on, an individual may receive combined therapies to destroy cancerous cells. 

What is the most common treatment for breast cancer

A cancer doctor may conduct extensive diagnostic tests for knowing about breast cancer’s severity. In doing so, an oncologist may rule out the symptoms of breast cancer as well. Besides that, an oncologist may ask for the patient’s opinion regarding the treatment means.

Few other treatments option for breast cancer may include the following:


Most importantly, a cancer specialist may go for chemo drugs for attaining breast cancer. In doing so, an individual’s breast cancer can be destroyed in a specific manner. Following that, a doctor may inject this drug directly into the vein at times. Moreover, an individual may consume pills containing chemo drugs as well. Ultimately, oncologists may use other treatments along with chemotherapy accordingly. 

Radiation Therapy

An oncologist may go for external beam radiation for treating advanced breast cancer. A doctor can make use of high-energy rays to eliminate harmful cancer cells in the breast. Furthermore, doctors may administer radiation therapy at any stage of breast cancer. Eventually, one’s cancer cells that have spread to other body parts can be treated with radiation only. Following that, a person’s breast cancer radiation may last for 3 days to 6 weeks. But, an individual must be made aware of the harmful impacts of this treatment. 


One’s cancer specialist can make use of the immune system to defeat aggressive cancer cells in the breast. In general, an individual’s body may recognize cancer cells with this treatment. Herein, one’s body may work on specific proteins for generating an immune response. However, an individual suffering from triple-negative breast cancer may use this treatment. Still, a person must not ignore the side effects of immunotherapy’s drug. 

Targeted Therapy drugs

A person must understand that specific abnormalities within breast cancer cells can be attained with the use of targeted drug therapy. Besides that, an oncologist may test the cancer cells before going for targeted therapy. At times, doctors may attain cancer recurrence with this treatment means. 

Hormone Therapy

Typically, one’s breast cancer that is sensitive to hormones can be treated with hormone therapy. Many times, oncologists administer this therapy before or after other treatments. But, an individual must accept that the side effects of hormone therapy can’t be avoided. Mostly, a person may experience blood thinning as well as blood clots. 

Palliative Care

One may go for palliative care for gaining relief from pain as well as other symptoms of breast cancer. In general, a cancer patient may receive an extra layer of support this way. Besides that, an individual may use palliative care with other aggressive treatments. 

Therefore, people may find several treatment options for curing breast cancer. So, one must have received the answer to this question if Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery or not. 

Can alternative medicine treat breast cancer?

Mainly, one must accept that alternative medicines aren’t capable of curing breast cancer in any way. Still, a healthcare provider may use alternative therapies for attaining the side effects of cancer treatment.

Besides that, an individual may go for physical activities along with alternative medicines. In doing so, one may increase the efficiency of breast cancer treatment. 

What are the best ways to diagnose Breast Cancer?

Undoubtedly, an oncologist may order multiple diagnostic tests to confirm this disease. Following that, a cancer specialist can look into cancer’s severity as well as a stage in this manner. Furthermore, an oncologist may plan for cancer treatment after carrying out these tests.

A few diagnostic tests used for breast cancer may include the following:

  • Biopsy

A doctor may undertake a breast biopsy to remove a sample of breast tissue. Following that, one’s tissue samples are taken to the laboratory for further examination. Moving on, an individual requiring breast biopsy won’t signify cancer every time. However, doctors consider biopsy as an ultimate option to rule out cancer. 

  • Screening Mammography

One should believe that screening mammography is quite important to rule out breast cancer. Herein, an individual may receive two pictures of each breast from the test. 

  • MRI Scan

People must know that MRI scans can be quite helpful in determining breast cancer. Many times, the spreading nature of breast cancer can also be checked from this test.

  • Breast Ultrasound

A person needs to realize that breast ultrasound uses sound waves for creating pictures of the body. After all, doctors may check whether the lump is solid or fluid-filled as well. 

  • Breast Exam

One’s doctor may check both of the breasts as well as lymph nodes in the armpit through breast examination. By doing so, an oncologist can determine abnormalities in the breast area easily. 

So, people may go for any of the above diagnostic tests for checking the presence of breast cancer. Later on, a doctor can carry out staging as per the situation.

Which preventive measures are used for breast cancer?

Mostly, a person’s lifestyle changes can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer to a certain extent. Besides that, an individual needs to focus on major risk factors for preventing this deadly disease.

Certain preventive measures used for breast cancer may include the following:

Maintaining a healthy weight

An obese individual needs to work out regularly for maintaining a healthy weight. Following that, one must go for regular exercise for attaining this cause. 

Limiting Alcohol

One can easily avoid the impacts of breast cancer by avoiding alcohol consumption. Herein, an individual may restrict themselves to one drink per day as well.

Remaining physically active

Normally, a person may escape the cause of breast cancer by remaining physically active. Mostly, one can go for aerobic exercises daily for staying away from cancer’s impacts. 

Thus, people can carry out all these preventive measures to get rid of breast cancer. Eventually, one has to focus on dietary modifications for eliminating the risk of this disease.


People might have known by now if Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery or not. In doing so, an individual can receive any other relevant treatment as per their health condition. Besides that, one must have an idea about imaging tests that can determine breast cancer. Furthermore, an individual should know about preventive measures for breast cancer for their help. Eventually, one can check out the various options for cancer treatment in India before planning it.

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