डैंड्रफ क्यों होता है? कारण और डैंड्रफ का रामबाण इलाज

कुछ बीमारियों का इलाज आपको ढूंडने पर भी नहीं मिलता ! उसमे से एक बीमारी है डैंड्रफ (Dandruff) की। जी हां डैंड्रफ का आप कितना भी रिसर्च करलो उसका इलाज बहुत काम लोग कर पाते है। आप इसका इलाज कर लेंगे अगर आप

Hole in Heart Treatment Options for Babies

A hole in the heart means there will be difficulty passing blood to the body with the complete requirement of oxygen. This is one of the congenital disabilities that may happen to anyone. In most cases, the heart’s upper chamber (atria) possesses a

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When is Spine Surgery the Right Choice?

If you or your doctor have decided to pursue spine surgery, it should be after trying various alternatives, especially non-surgical ones. When the pain is persistent, and there is no immediate result seen in the spine problems, your doctor may advise you of

Which are the Common Liver Diseases?

Well, the liver is a very prominent organ of the human body undergoing numerous tasks. Following that, an individual’s waste filtration is carried out appropriately. Through this, people can get rid of toxicities along with the bloodstream. Here, a person’s liver may get

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Can Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery?

Well, a woman may have cancer cells in the breast at some point in time. Following that, an individual may wonder if Breast Cancer be Treated Without Surgery. Here in, one must understand that several treatment options are there to attain cancers. Besides

How Mental Health Affects Physical Health

Mental health and Physical health are closely linked. Many studies have shown that poor mental health can lead to various physical health problems and vice versa. In this blog post, we’ll explore how mental health affect physical health and what you can do