When is Spine Surgery the Right Choice?

When is Spine Surgery the Right Choice?

If you or your doctor have decided to pursue spine surgery, it should be after trying various alternatives, especially non-surgical ones. When the pain is persistent, and there is no immediate result seen in the spine problems, your doctor may advise you of the final treatment as spinal surgery.

Your doctor may often directly suggest spine surgery without undergoing a deep diagnosis. That time, you may doubt- When is spine surgery the right choice?

In general, there are two different types of spine surgeries, but only a few get successful with immediate and positive results. This is because the consequences depend on the age factor, the overall health condition and the tolerance power or the willing power of the patient.

Spine surgery is where the doctor or surgeon fuses two vertebrae and forms a single unit. Fusing an unstable joint can help you with the consequence of pain, but it is optional that you may get succeeded with positive results because of the various factors discussed above. This is because it is the general fact that you cannot work against the natural process of degeneration of bones.

How do you know that spine surgery is the right option for you?

A physical evaluation is the first step for any kind of illness. If you or anyone you know is experiencing lower back pain, you can try to make the person enhance or encourage themselves to increase their willpower. You can try to make them indulge in physical activities so they do not get tired. If the willpower and the encouragement are not working, you can try painkillers or pain management medications. The next step is to go to a Spine surgery hospital and let yourself evaluated by the doctor.

Many patients doubt the questions like When is spine surgery the right choice? In reality, patients with spine issues can be treated non-surgically. Various options like physical therapies, home exercises and medications may be recommended before the spinal surgery. If nothing is working well for your pain, you should get started with surgical preparations.

For example, your doctor may recommend surgery if non-surgical management is unsuccessful.

Most Back Pain Doesn’t Require Surgery

There can be various ways to correct pain without undergoing incisions, cuts and knives. You may follow the different home remedies like-

  • Ice and heat compress,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications,
  • Regular exercises, etc

Unless there is any kind of severe spinal issue like spinal cord injury, the doctor at the Spine surgery hospital in India may suggest minimally invasive surgery.

How safe and dangerous is spine surgery?

Spine surgery can be both dangerous and safe for any person. It may incline you towards spine risks and painful events while making things worse. It may also increase the complications as compared to other non-surgical procedures. The most significant difficulty you may face during spinal surgery is the risk of paralysis.

Despite the various proven and the possibility of severe complications, the mortality (or death) rate because of spine surgery is comparatively low. Moreover, after the successful operative procedures of spine surgery, you may deviate from the standard risk levels depending on the health conditions and the type of surgery you opt for.

In what cases does spine surgery is an immediate option for you?

When is spine surgery the right choice? If you still doubt this question and are confused between the two answers- “yes or no” let us tell you spine surgery treats various forms of back pain, leg pain and other associated pains. Although some symptoms may indicate that you require spine surgery, you should not ignore the immediate medical treatments. Moreover, the symptoms that may trigger you to take immediate medical needs or spinal surgery are-

  • Sudden bowel or bladder incontinence- either you develop the ability to hold the waste material in the bladder or develop progressive weakness in the legs. The symptoms may also include nerve damage or cauda equina syndrome.
  • You may have continuous abdominal pain, indicating the presence of an aortic aneurysm.

Suppose you or anyone you know has any kind of severe medical condition that may require immediate medical need. In that case, your doctor may suggest you or your family undergo spine surgery (as part of immediate surgery- the decision may be taken fiercely but sensibly- to save a life!)

What could be your best steps before proceeding with the final decision of spine surgery?

Before undergoing any invasive or noninvasive surgery, your doctor may suggest specific remedies to get rid of the pain temporarily. This may include various preparations to proceed with the spinal surgery.


You can deal with your back pain and may have a watchful eye. Back pain may also develop because of the fever and poor bowel movements.

Ice and heat compress

Ice and heat packs may help reduce swelling intensity. This therapy may help you with comfort or the correct blood flow. This may help you with the reduction in stiffness and the correction or repair of injured parts.

Take pain medications

To eliminate inflammation, your doctor may suggest different painkillers or anti-inflammatory products.

Stay physically active

To maintain the strength of bones, it is always necessary to maintain physical fitness. Wake up early in the morning and try to indulge yourself with a small thirty-minute exercising session and later go for a bath.


When is spine surgery the right choice? The answer may depend on how eager or willing you are to manage your health conditions. Surgery may or may not be the final decision. Since there are different methods to overcome and fight the pain, surgery may be the only step or decision if you do not want any kind of painful event in the future. Otherwise, you can manage the pain by taking different painkillers, exercising and using various home remedies.

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