Which are the Common Liver Diseases?

Which are the Common Liver Diseases?

Well, the liver is a very prominent organ of the human body undergoing numerous tasks. Following that, an individual’s waste filtration is carried out appropriately. Through this, people can get rid of toxicities along with the bloodstream. Here, a person’s liver may get affected due to various factors. Simultaneously, one can have a serious effect on the functioning of the liver due to this. Furthermore, an individual needs to go through a severe diagnostic test for its detection. So, one can contact the doctors for this cause. 

Here, a reader may go through liver disease by reading this article. One can also find preventive measures for the same.

Top Common Liver Diseases

Most importantly, people can come across several factors affecting your liver. Besides that, each individual’s cause of liver disease may differ from others. Furthermore, a person may undergo several diagnostic tests for this purpose.

So, one’s common diseases affecting the liver may include the following:

Fatty Liver disease 

At times, people may experience fat buildup in the liver area. This may trigger the cause of fatty liver disease. Mainly, an individual’s habit of alcohol consumption may end up with this. Besides that, the person can suffer from liver cirrhosis and liver failure in this condition. Furthermore, one may have this disease without being non-alcoholic. 


Many individuals can suffer from inflammation of the liver for a long time. Generally, one can get affected by a certain virus during that phase. This condition is referred to as viral hepatitis. Here, an individual may undergo liver damage for a considerable time. However, one’s consumption of contaminated food may end up with this. Eventually, the person can suffer from this condition by drinking contaminated water.

Problem with Genes

People may inherit liver problems from the genes of their parents. Here the person may consider hemochromatosis as well. An individual’s body may end up storing excess iron. Following that, the person may damage his liver in the long run. Besides that, one’s liver may release copper in place of bile ducts at times. This can turn to cause Wilson’s disease at some point in time. So, the person’s common diseases affecting the liver may consider this. 

Liver Cirrhosis

An individual may undergo liver scarring from prolonged liver damage. Simultaneously, the person can develop scar tissue with this kind of condition. One’s liver may fail in functioning with the full development of scar tissue. An individual can treat liver cirrhosis in its early stage. But, the person may face certain complications in its treatment without proper management. Here, one needs to visit a gastroenterologist to alleviate his problems.

Liver Failure

Generally, one can have damage to a significant portion of his liver. An individual’s chronic liver failure may turn serious over time. Besides that, one may not detect this condition at its initial phase. Eventually, the person may end up with liver failure without prior notice. So, an individual’s awareness of its symptoms becomes quite important.

Drugs causing damage

Many individuals may face liver damage due to overexposure to certain drugs. The person may reverse its effect by stopping drug consumption. However, one need not ignore chronic liver conditions caused by this. 


Necessarily, an individual’s liver cancer originates from the liver. Following that, the person may face this disease through other body parts as well. Here, one may refer to this condition as the secondary liver can cause cancer. Most importantly, an individual may face a small tumor in the liver with such a condition. Moving on, a person can suffer from severe complications by undergoing liver cancer.

Therefore, individuals may have any of these conditions resulting in liver damage. So, one may access the right means of treatment to cure the cause.

Which factors can cause a risk of liver diseases?

A person must know about the risk associated with common diseases affecting the liver. Mainly, an individual’s consumption of more than 8 drinks per week can be risky. Further to this, the person may have many other risks to trigger this disease. 

So, one’s risk of liver disease may include the following:

  • Obesity
  • Sharing Needles
  • Having Tattoo
  • High Cholesterol
  • Unprotected sex
  • High Diabetes
  • Exposure to pesticides
  • Consumption excess supplements
  • Combining medicines with alcohol

Can you prevent Liver Diseases?

Most importantly, a person’s shift to a healthy lifestyle can aid in curing liver disease. Following that, an individual must make a habit of consuming 2 to 3 drinks per week. Besides that, one’s hygiene may also impact healing liver problems.

So, people can prevent liver diseases in the following ways:

Get Vaccinated

Necessarily, an individual may get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B. Following that, one need not share needles for avoiding this cause.

Exercise Regularly

People can get away from common diseases affecting the liver by carrying out regular exercises. One may consider this as a treatment to get rid of fatty liver disease. 

Proper Foods

An individual must note his dietary requirements for curing the liver entirely. Generally, the person should add whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to his diet. Moving on, one need not compromise with fiber intake from the foods at all. 

Reduce Weight

One’s key to attaining a healthy liver may proceed through weight management. An individual can avoid fatty liver disease by following the same. Furthermore, the person may remove inflammation and scar through this. 

Drinking Fresh Water

People must avoid drinking contaminated water to stay away from liver problems. Here, an individual may boil water to remove its impurities. 

Hence, an individual may seek several preventive means to attain his liver. One’s food consumption must aid the cause of liver protection.


People must focus on a healthy lifestyle for helping out their liver every time. Generally, an individual may avoid oily foods for escaping major liver disease. Besides that, one need not consider the excess intake of any drugs for this cause. Following that, the person should stick to aerobic exercises as well. However, an individual can talk to the doctors for this cause.

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